'Sakshi & I Had No Problem Doing The Lesbian Sex Scene,' Says Karishma Sharma

Ragini MMS 2 lesbian sex scene has gone viral, and the time is right to speak about it t the two girls in question- Karishma Sharma and Sakshi Pradhan Ms Sharma is as cool as a cucumber if you ask her about the lesbian sex scene of her with Sakshi Pradhan in Ragini MMS 2. Karishma Sharma Photoshoot"I think we handled it beautifully. Sakshi also had no issues doing it, ditto for me. It was required for the story and we both deep-dived into it," Karishma tells Spotboye.com when asked to speak about it.
Karishma reveals that there were only 3 other people besides the director Ken Ghosh, when they shot that bold scene. "We shot it in Naigaon. Ken Ghosh had a male DOP,  and the remaining two were his female assistants," she adds. Karishma Sharma And Sakshi Pradhan Romantic SceneHas any woman made a pass at her in real life? "That's a very personal question you are asking, whether it is related to another woman or man," she quips. Sakshi PradhanAdding to Karishma's comfort was her mother. "She also has seen the scene and is quite okay about it. We all see world cinema today, where such things are common. My mom too see quite a bit of world cinema. Karishma Sharma And Sakshi Pradhan Sex Scene Ragini Mms ReturnsLook, there was no OMG from my side when I was first told about the lesbian sex scene. Haan, thoda funny zaroor laga tha. But at the end of the day, it was just work and I shot for it rather diligently," Karishma concludes.
Quite a bold girl, this Karishma! For those who've come in late, her first interview was to SpotboyE.com- and just in case you missed it, we reproduce it below:
Karishma Sharma Interview

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